Dress Days

All AOIT Students in Grades 10-12 are expected to participate in Dress Days. This program is designed to bring the Academy together, share our program with the school, learn how to dress appropriately. Your dress will be graded by your Technology Teacher during your tech period and count towards class participation grades. As an Academy member you are expected to acquire the appropriate clothing. Dressing professionally will be expected for most events, and your internship experience.

Even Fridays: Corporate Casual
Odd Fridays: Business Dress

There are two types of Dress Days:

Corporate Casual:
  • Basically no sneakers, jeans or t-shirts
  • Ladies Recommendations:
    • Polo-Shirt, Button Down Shirt, Blouse, Sweater
    • Appropriate Length Skirt or Khahki Slacks or Capris (no cargos)
    • Dress
    • Dress Shoes, Flats, Dressy Sandals
  • Gentlemen
    • Polo-Shirt, Button Down Shirt, Sweater
    • Dress or Khahki Slacks (no cargos)
    • Dress Shoes

Business Dress:
  • Ladies
    • Pants Suite
    • Appropriate Length Skirt & Blouse
  • Gentlemen
    • Button down shirt
    • Tie
    • Dress Slacks
    • Dress Shoes